Leasing Model

Why Work With Us

The demand for short-to-mid-stay travel is high, but most multifamily apartments lack the infrastructure to support and manage short-term rentals. Whether guests stay for three days or three months, they want an upscale, bespoke experience and whether property managers have ten or forty percent vacancies, they want a headache free, turnkey solution. That is where Ayash is here to help.

low angle photo of high rise apartment building
low angle photo of high rise apartment building

Maximize Occupancy and NOI

Even the most stabilized properties suffer from vacancies. Whether you're a new build seeking a lease up or an established property looking to maximize occupancy from your available units, we offer a fully Turnkey solution to your problems. Take full advantage of your property.

beige couch and armchair
beige couch and armchair

How It Works

Leasing your unprofitable units to us is a headache free solution to your vacancy problem. Have the peace of mind knowing that for no cost to you and for no addition work for your operation, you are maximizing your NOI. We lease vacant units from you, immediately generating you income.

Our proprietary rental management system creates a handsfree solution to your vacancy problems. With our completely seamless system, the only signs of our presence in your property come in the form of increased occupancy and income.

Our Services, For Your Peace Of Mind

  • Guest screening and identity verification

  • Tech enabled suites with key automation

  • Guest communication and management

  • 24/7 noise monitoring and mitigation

  • Full transparency and access to Partner Portal

Revenue Share Model

Unlock the Possibilities of Your Property

brown wooden armchair near glass window
brown wooden armchair near glass window

Multifamily apartment owners and property management companies are perfectly positioned to provide an upscale, frictionless experience for the modern traveler, but lack the infrastructure to support and manage short-term rentals.

Our Solution

With only a handful of units that would likely remain vacant at your property, our rental management system can help you unlock a new revenue stream from an untapped market and increase your Net Operating Income (NOI) with no upfront costs to you.

No Costs or Headaches

You contribute the vacant units and we do the rest. There is no upfront cost to you. We invest in setting up, furnishing, and incorporating our suite of rental management services for each unit to create a beautiful modern, move-in-ready space for stays of any length.

Frictionless Experience

We know your residents are your top priority and you need a program that mindfully addresses any concerns. Our suite of services includes features like guest risk scoring, key automation, and 24/7 active noise monitoring. This way, you and your team can focus 100% on your core business, while we handle 100% of the hospitality service. It’s truly frictionless for you, your team, and the residents.

black leather sofa near glass window
black leather sofa near glass window

Transparency and Metrics

We provide access to an Property Partner Portal so you can stay up to date with all the metrics you’d like, for full transparency. With these tools, you’ll be able to track real-time performance and will always know what guests are in your building.

Full Service Rental Management

  • Market & Property Analysis

  • Unit Setup & Styling

  • Booking Channel Distribution

  • Revenue Management

  • Guest Communications

  • Cleaning Coordination

  • Guest Screening & Risk Scoring

  • Reporting & Owner’s Portal

Our Expertise, Your Benefit

As an alternative to the master lease model, where in lieu of rent and with an exclusivity agreement, you contribute units that were already projected to be vacant, and get all the benefits of our rental management and hospitality system.

You benefit immediately with a direct percentage of the revenue made from the units - all with no costs to you. We do what we do best, while you get to focus on your core business and benefit from a new revenue stream.

Interested In Working With Us?